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Hopes on Rayalaseema Development -With Electronic Park

kj reddy
The Rayalaseema region, comprising four districts — Kurnool, Kadapa, Anantapur and Chittoor—once upon a time called as ‘’Rathanala Seema’’ when Sri Krishna Devaraya ruled it, but now — finds itself at a crossroads with underdevelopment and unemployment.
The developmental activities are not going in the right pace in Seema, the new State which began its journey with a deficit in its finances and without a capital of its own.The priority is given to the Krishna and Godavari delta regions in the process of development —be it in the setting up of the new capital or the push given for accelerated development of infrastructure and industry in the Capital.

But now few developmental activities are going on in the Seema Region and one among them is Electronics Park, that is recently laid a foundation by Chandrababu Naidu.

This, Elcina Raaga Mayuri Electronics Park will be developed at Chilamathur village in Anantapur district in the Rayalaseema region of the state by end of the year 2017.

Electronics Manufacturing Clusters:
This Project is initiated by KJR Group, and the Electronics Manufacturing Clusters are in Partnership with ELCINA.

Market & Growth Drivers
There is good potential for Electronics Manufacturing Clusters in the Rayalaseema region, that already has announced implementation of several such projects.

There are many benefits through Raaga Mayuri Food Park and Electronics Manufacturing Clusters to Rayalaseema:
KJR Group is all set to begin eight segments that will make electronic components for defence and aerospace sector, taken up in collaboration with Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA).

The Park will come up on a 50-acre site on the National Highway close to Bengaluru and will be the largest electronics manufacturing cluster in the country.
The Electronics Park will have high-rise buildings of 30 to 35 floors each and provide employment to thousands of people.
The state government will create infrastructure like roads, power and water supply and also establish a training centre (as stated by an official release).
Electronic Manufacturing clusters will provide employment to 25,000 to 30,000 people in Rayalaseema region.
The poverty is expected to be eradicated in Rayalaseema region in the near future and somehow it will be done with the introduction of Electronics Manufacturing Clusters and the Rayalseema region might see an upgraded and sophisticated technology. The people of Seema are eagerly waiting for the development of their region to the next level. And well, a wide range of ambitious projects will be launched across Rayalaseema region in the future- and this is widely predicted to gain further traction in the coming years.